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au bon pain

CC Holdings, Inc. has been a client of RenCon’s since the inception of the company and continues to grow with us.  Over the years we have partnered to work on several projects for the Restaurant Group who consists of franchises you have come to know as Copper Moon World Coffees, Nature’s Table, Au Bon Pain Café’ Bakery, and Granite City Food & Brewery.


RenCon has assisted in projects in hospitals as well as airports.  Norton’s Children’s Hospital welcomed Au Bon Pain in 2017 located in Louisville, KY.  The Indianapolis Airport welcomed Nature’s Table in 2016. These are just a couple of recent projects.  We are thankful for the relationship and look forward to the years ahead, growing and evolving with CC Holdings, Inc.



  • Established July 2008


  • A+ Rating with BBB


  • Trusted GC for such national brands as Starbucks, Yum, and Dollar Tree


  • Fully insured & licensed to work anywhere in the continental United States


  • OSHA-Certified



Ranked In Top 3

for the Small Business of the Year award by the Madison County Chamber of Commerce



Ranked 8th

fastest growing business in Indiana by the Indiana Business Journal



Ranked 11th

fastest growing business in Indiana by the Indiana Business Journal


Starbucks Coffee has been a valued client of RenCon’s since our company was founded in 2008.  The global coffee company has given our team the opportunity to travel across the U.S. building new locations and performing major renovations at existing stores.


In addition to construction and renovation services, our facility maintenance department provides repair and maintenance services to over 100 locations throughout Indiana and Ohio.  We are proud to be able to provide this client with 24-7 maintenance needs.


We value our partnership with Starbucks and work diligently to maintain a strong working relationship. RenCon looks forward to many more years of continued business as we strive to remain a preferred contractor Starbucks.




Safety is a paramount concern for everyone in the construction industry. The importance of the safety of employees, subcontractors, clients and the general public cannot be overemphasized. We expect our employees to remain vigilant where safety is concerned and follow all company policies and procedures. Maintaining a high level of expectation creates a place where our employees can be productive and feel confident.


As a company, we are OSHA and Coalition for Construction Safety (CCS Safety) certified.



T-Mobile is a new client of RenCon’s as of 2017 and has rapidly grown in our list of ongoing projects.   With over 20 built-out locations across Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, we have become a top contractor for the company’s massive growth expansion to include adding 400 retail stores.  This brings the carrier’s nationwide retail footprint from 3,600 to 4,000 locations.


With a strong commitment and desire to service T-Mobile, RenCon has been successful in delivering an admirable final product.  We look forward to what the future brings!

Qdoba Mexican Eats

QDoba has more than 650 locations in 47 states, the District of Columbia, and Canada. The company originally began under another name in 1995.  However, as part of a different strategy, the trade name was changed to QDoba Mexican Eats in the hope of trying to distinguish itself from similar-sounding competitors.


RenCon has been - and still continues - to be a top contractor for QDoba.  We have provided construction services for multiple locations across the U.S. and continue to strengthen our business relationship.  RenCon also provides maintenance services to several local Qdoba restaurants around the Indianapolis area regularly.


We are proud of maintaining the continued trust from this client and intend to plan for many more successful projects in the years to come.

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree has been a valued client of RenCon’s for several years.  Projects have consisted of a variety of work from ground-ups to build-outs across the country.  Primarily managed by our Texas office, our team works closely with the construction management staff at Dollar Tree to ensure every project is executed in a timely fashion with above standard results.


With a push to transition 800+ Family Dollar locations across the U.S. to a Dollar Tree brand, RenCon continues to bid aggressively and remain a trusted contractor to deliver quality stores.  The future holds great potential for both Dollar Tree and RenCon to remain a working team in offering the public a competitive retail location to shop products.

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